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“When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life”. ~Greg Anderson

Be the Being of It!

“Be the Being of It” ~ Yulia, Personal Life Coach

Hello Friends…

I have been, assigned by my life coach – yes…I have a life coach, to journal about the Mansfield Women’s Activity Group, I recently organized, while considering certain questions.

In order to get out of my thinking mind and into my heart I have turned on my deep listening.  I take a deep breath in…and then out… In….then out…  I can feel the muscles around my eyes relax and my focus soften.  I begin to notice movement; a fly caught between the screen and the window, branches on the trees moving rhythmically to unheard music, and a white moth sweeping just above a green lawn dotted with yellow dandelions.  I hear my dog lapping water from her bowl, and a chorus of birds singing; and just now…I felt a whisper of wind on my arms from the open window.

Who are the women in the group?  What do they expect of me?  What do I bring to the group?

As I contemplate these questions, words begin to take shape – words such as, light, love, courage, and strength.  The letters forming these words seem to float in and out of my thinking mind.

I sense that the women comprising the group have a deep-rooted wonder that inspires their vitality and pursuit of personal growth.  Their spirit and acquired wisdom has kindled a collective knowing – the endowed notion that women hold the key to humanities spiritual evolution.   I believe that the women in this group are searching for other like-minded women; they wish to link arms “to form a chain, a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known” ~ Nellie McClung 

The chain will fashion into a circle – a circle with no beginning and no end.  The circle will, in its infancy, swaddle the women in the group so that they can grow into their power.  In time, this circle will ripple concentrically out…and out…joining with other chains, until the circle surrounds the human species and becomes the vessel carrying the fire of growth and empowerment for all women.  I believe I am the first link in the local chain of this circle.  My role is to hold the focus and to share my knowledge when applicable.   My role is to create the possibility for empowerment of all women.  My role is to “be the being of it”!

I can’t know what is expected of me, nor do I care to be responsible to any one’s expectations.   What I do know is that, as do all living species, the human species is evolving.  My stand is for the possibility of the human species morphing into loving, peaceful, compassionate, and conscious beings.




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