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The World Wide Web: Heart Connection and Global Consciousness

Hello Friends,

This morning as I cruise through my favorite inspirational web sites, and alternately (I am practicing being present) have an awareness of the wind in the trees, and the subtle color changes in the field and forest of my landscape; I am noticing a common theme to what I am accessing on the web.  It feels serendipitous enough to encourage me out of my blog posting hiatus.

I am finding myself drawn to, and bringing up on the web, information on global connection.  Here is an interesting 7 minute video that can describe some of the current science.

If 7 minutes is just too much, here is a short 1 minute video.

In this moment, in a very palpable way, I am connected via the World Wide Web, and yet, my sense is that I am tethered energetically to the plants, trees, animals, lakes, oceans, deserts, mountains, and humanity.  I have always felt this sense of connection and, traditionally, my access to this world has been through hiking woodland trails, paddling quiet lakes, and riding our nation’s lonely highways on a BMW (motorcycle).  In recent years, my work as a life coach has intensified, and given me the tools, to step into this experience of global connection.

While coaching I tap into what we (co-active coaches) call “level 3 listening”.  This listening is a kind of tapping into the flow.  It feels like wading into a warm eddy of water where I feel enveloped, safe, and comfortable.   I can feel the soft rhythm of the current moving me one way – then another, and I get a sense that I have connected to something greater than myself; it’s like my physical edges soften, and I am not separate from the water.  It’s truly a “heart connection” between me, my client (or group of clients), and something greater.

Interestingly enough, the client feels it also, and through coaching, learns to open this heart connection to reach the flow, which brings them greater clarity, creativity, and limitless depths of compassion and gratitude.  Connecting to the flow truly is like having a “wireless access” to the infinite wisdom of the collective consciousness (God, the universe, spirit, etc.), which I’m naming the “world wide web”!

If you are interested in pursuing more information about global or collective consciousness, here is an interesting movie  and, if you want more information please send me an email and I’ll send you a collection of resources.

So, now I’m noticing the darkening sky and I can feel myself moving into peacefulness.  Thank for the opportunity to share this information and be a part of bringing unity and connection to the globe!




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2 thoughts on “The World Wide Web: Heart Connection and Global Consciousness

  1. Kristina on said:

    I really get this. At the end of the first Healing Touch session I had with Deb she said, “I really encourage you to get in touch with your intuition.” And I laughed and told her I’d never been in touch with my intuition and never learned to trust it. She loaned me an Amelia Kinkade book, and then Linda recommended Rebecca Rosen’s first book…And lately I’ve been focusing a lot on meditating and trying to reach this part of myself. I definitely believe that we’re all interconnected pieces of a single universe. Great post!

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